Greg’s Wishlist

For those lovely people (ok, so mostly family :P) who wish to buy me something, this is my current list of wants

General Notes

  • Tech
    • Generally, don’t. Odds are I already have it, looked at it and didn’t like it, or want it but it doesn’t work with Linux. Ping me if you’ve got something in mind.
  • Drink
    • I don’t do alcohol, as a rule. Alcohol is gonna gather dust or be used for cooking :)
    • Coffee is wasted on me, my tastebuds can’t differentiate it
    • Tea is A++
  • Food
    • Not cheese
    • Love good bread
    • Most other things are good :)

Books / Films / Media

Physical Games

  • Board Game - Three Kingdoms Redux (very highly rated strategy game for exactly 3 players)
  • Board game - Fauna (good with kids)
  • Board Game - Pandemic Legacy (Any season, I have none of them)
  • Card Game - Elysium

  • Actualol’s Top 10 Games for couples:

    1. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
    2. Pandemic (owned)
    3. Arboretum
    4. Paperback (deck building scrabble? mmmm, sounds my style)
    5. Patchwork (owned)
    6. CV
    7. Battle Line
    8. Carcassone (owned)
    9. The Game
    10. Agricola: All creatures great and small

Video Games

  • DX Racer chair (expensive! :P) - DX website
  • Anything off my Steam wishlist - only visible to Steam friends, but can copy a current list out when needed


  • Brasing pot (for oven braising)
    • got to have tight fitting lid and be heavy - eg Le Creuset
  • Big set of matching spice jars for the spice rack - either Schwartz or enough to replace all of them (~40 jars)