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Public Speaking

I’m happy to speak at events on a range of topics. Examples of talks I’ve given in the past can be found below. If you’re interested in having me speak at an event, please contact speaking (at) emeraldreverie (dot) org. I’m happy to prepare custom material, or give updated versions of any of my previous talks.

A sample of my previous talks (reverse-date order):

  • Building Community, Sep 2016 PulpCon
    • Lessons learned from my first year of community management in the Foreman Community, projects I’ve implemented, stuff I got wrong, useful tooling, etc
  • Working remotely - stories from the trenches, Sep 2016 RailsCampScotland (with Sean McGivern)
    • A look at what’s like to work 100% from home, pros/cons, things to look out for, and tips for companies to keep remote workers happy.
  • There’s a plugin for that, Feb 2016 CfgMgmtCamp Ghent
    • A whistlestop tour of the Foreman plugin ecosystem.
  • Foreman Community Update, Feb 2016, CfgMgmtCamp Ghent
    • Current state of the project, review of last year’s work and some metrics.
  • Contributing to (Your) Success, Nov 2015, Stirling University
    • What is Open Source, it’s culture and it’s importance; given to Computer Science undergraduates as a guest speaker to their lecture series.
  • Keeping Busy, Nov 2015, TechMeetUp Edinburgh
    • Looking at GTD methodology, project management, and task management, with some of my own insights as a GTD practitioner.
  • Keeping Busy, Jun 2015, ScotLug Glasgow
    • as above
  • Foreman Discovery 2.0, CfgMgmtCamp 2015
    • The latest updates in Foreman’s metal-as-a-service plugin, including a quick intro for those new to Discovery, provisioning rules, proxy routing, and hammer cli
  • Automation in the Foreman Infrastructure, FOSDEM 2014
    • A user success story of automating testing and release management with Jenkins, Vagrant, and other tools.
  • Look No Hands, Red Hat internal, July 2013
    • A one hour training course on the basics of Puppet
  • Managing your metal flexibly, FOSDEM 2013
    • A lightning talk looking at Foreman’s new metal-as-a-service plugin, showing the current status and future plans.

As well as various lightning talks on such topics as:

  • Bread making
  • Long distance walking
  • Bad statistics