Well, that was rather a longer break than I anticipated. Life can get you life that. One minute you’re blogging away regularly, and then suddenly it’s been 2 years since you last wrote anything. Bummer.

Still, “I aten’t dead”, as Granny Weatherwax used to say. As a child of Lancashire, I know exactly the sort of person Terry Pratchet was sending up with Esme - my own grandmother could be like that sometimes. I’m sad to think that I’ll not see another book about the Lancre witches, but at least I can re-read the ones I have.

So yes, I’m still here, although I’ll be impressed if anyone still has this feed on their RSS reader (let me know if you do!). One of my goals for this year is to get blogging again, but the issue with a mainly technical blog is that there’s a large amount of testing the content to ensure it works from scratch. That slows down posting things.

To counter that, I plan to widen my scope, rather than my time-to-post. I’m aiming for a post every two weeks, minimum, but it’ll be on whatever is currently in my head. Expect tech, gaming, cooking, politics, and a host of other random musings. I’ll do my best to use categories correctly so you can get the feeds for the stuff you like ;)

Thanks for sticking with me - or welcome, if you’re new to the blog. I hope there’s material here for all comers, so let me know what you enjoy in the comments of each post.