Last month I was at the lovely EdinbR meetup to present my guide to self-hosting the amazing Shiny server. Some kind folks have been asking for the notes so that they can do it themselves, which seems fair, so here it is! The Why Let’s start with my slides before we get to the how-to. There are fantastic resources for hosting Shiny out there, so why would you roll your own?

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Wow, nearly a year since I blogged anything. That’s crazy - I must do better. However, for now at least, I’m back!

Today I’m going to give my first impressions of Mailpile, which is a slightly different take on the problem of handling/storing/interacting with email.

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(This is part 4 of my home automation blog series. See the automation category for the whole set) So, we have control of the HestiaPi Classic from OpenHAB, now it’s time to add some sensors and automate the control of the heating. OK, OK, it’s been a really long break from posting. What can I say, life kinda smacked me with a bunch of family issues. That’s all settled down now, and with winter coming on fast, it’s time to sort out the last mile of my open source heating system - responding to temperature sensors.

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