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About Me

Career-wise, I’ve worked in a variety of fields and in a variety of roles, mostly technical. Currently I’m the Community Lead for an open source project but you can find my edited CV here.

I enjoy public speaking immensely, and regularly speak on a variety of topics, including technology, open source, and process management to name a few. See my Speaking page for more details about previous engagements and how to reach me for future speaking events.

I also have a lot of hobbies, including:

You can usually find me as gwmngilfen on Freenode, in the #theforeman and #falkirklug channels, and as @gwmngilfen on Twitter

SSH Keys

Personal SSH Public Key (fingerprint: SHA256:UIuJl0p/m2Luor1nv7tGm0ga6/L5qKSfn1DjyRrBXAA)