It's been a while since I last wrote a blog, but that doesn't mean I've been slacking off. In the next series of blog posts, we'll be looking at some of the new things in Foreman 1.2. But today, I want to make a small diversion... I recently got some new hardware in the house, courtesy of my employer, so I decided it was time to play with one of the other virtualization technologies out there.

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This blog post has been in my to-write pile for nearly 4 months now. I have two laptops at home, both of which are capable of running a few virtual machines. If you missed the news, I now work on Foreman full time, so obviously I want to use Foreman to manage my virtual machines. So it seems like the perfect opportunity to give you a blog post about getting Libvirt set up on a host of your choice (in this case, my laptop).

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