I aten't dead!

Well, that was rather a longer break than I anticipated. Life can get you life that. One minute you’re blogging away regularly, and then suddenly it’s been 2 years since you last wrote anything. Bummer. Still, “I aten’t dead”, as Granny Weatherwax used to say. As a child of Lancashire, I know exactly the sort of person Terry Pratchet was sending up with Esme - my own grandmother could be like that sometimes.

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Inaugral Post!

So it seems that finally started to have enough things to say to start a blog. My interest are varied, and I don't have enough material for a blog on a single one of them, so you're going to see blogs on topics like: Linux / DevOpsCooking / BakingWalkingPoliticsGenerally awesome things You'll also get anything else that pops into my head. I'll try to tag things properly, but no promises :)

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