Wow, nearly a year since I blogged anything. That’s crazy - I must do better. However, for now at least, I’m back!

Today I’m going to give my first impressions of Mailpile, which is a slightly different take on the problem of handling/storing/interacting with email.

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Tracks/Openshift update

Lukáš Zapletal has just pointed out to me that on Openshift, you can use environment variables to access the Postgresql username, password, and so on. The main blog post has just been updated to reflect the much easier setup instructions. Thanks Lukáš!

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Over the last year or so, I’ve been working on my own personal take on Getting Things Done. When I started working from home a little over a year ago, I knew I needed to be productive in the absence of people looking over my shoulder. I also wanted to be better at dealing with the stuff I personally wanted to achieve. It’s taken a year of tweaking, but I’m going to share with you the system I’ve built, and as you’d expect from me, it’s all open.

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Unless you’re reading this on a braille reader, you’re probably wondering what happened to my blog. The theme has changed, the sidebar is different, the background image different, and so on. What gives? I’ve been blogging now for over a year. In truth, at the time, I wasn’t sure how often I’d be posting, or what sort of content I would be writing. Thus, I was happy to simply accept a low/no-barrier entry solution, in the shape of Blogger.

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So, a combination of a short holiday and a new laptop have conspired to keep me away from my text editor for a short while. The holiday was a walking trip, carrying our own gear, along the coast of Scotland. It was truly fabulous, but already covered at length on my wife's blog so I'll not repeat her here. As for the new laptop, well.... there's nothing like a new machine to make you re-evaluate your working environment.

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