In this post I’ll be covering the results from the recent Ansible Docs Survey, held at the end of last year. We’ll take a look at various facets of the userbase, and do some modelling to see what we can learn from it.

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In this post, I’m going to explore some of the community data for the last few years, and show why that suggests that drastic action is needed (and as we now know, that action is Collections). To some degree, this is just retrospective justification - we are already doing Collections. But I wanted to try and show what trajectory the community was on, if we did nothing. Honestly though, I also wanted to practice some of my forecasting techniques… :)

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Last month I was at the lovely EdinbR meetup to present my guide to self-hosting the amazing Shiny server. Some kind folks have been asking for the notes so that they can do it themselves, which seems fair, so here it is! The Why Let’s start with my slides before we get to the how-to. There are fantastic resources for hosting Shiny out there, so why would you roll your own?

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